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Kai Zhao gives a talk on the seminar of CiPES.

This month’s seminar of the Center for Intelligent Power and Energy Systems (CiPES) was held on December 27, 2021. It is a monthly event for the students of CiPES to share their researches. On this seminar, Mr. Kai Zhao from AEPCL gave a talk titled as “An Unsymetrical Driving Scheme for Inductive Power Transfer Systems Using Decoupled Transmitter Coils”.

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This paper explores a novel and unsymmetrical driving scheme for an inductive power transfer system using decoupled transmitter (TX) coils. Instead of driving each TX in the same way, the proposed driving scheme would employ various compensations for different coils. When one TX coil is series compensated, the other TX coil is compensated by the LCC network, and these two compensated coils are driven by a cascaded inverter instead of two bridge ones. Through circuit analysis, the power flow of each TX are closely coupled and help avoid over load conditions. Meanwhile, it would maintain the benefits of a multiple-TX system like high misalignment tolerance, and enable the system design and control like a single-TX one, e.g., having load-independent output voltage and optimal loads. The experiment demonstrates the waveform of normal mode and protection mode, load-independent output voltage, power distribution conditions, and the optimum efficiency.

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