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Guangdong Ning gives a talk on the seminar of CiPES.

This month’s seminar of the Center for Intelligent Power and Energy Systems (CiPES) was held on August 20, 2021. It is a monthly event for the students of CiPES to share their researches. On this seminar, Mr. Guangdong Ning from AEPCL gave a talk titled as “A Passive Current Sharing Method for Multi-Transmitter Inductive Power Transfer Systems”.


A multi-transmitter (multi-TX)inductive power transfer system would not only offer better spatial freedom butalso improve the overall output capability. Under heavy load condition, it isdesirable to fully utilize the output power capability, and the overall inputpower needs to be balanced among the multiple TXs. This paperproposes a simple and low-cost current sharing method to balance the inputpower. The current distribution is analytically studied for an example two-TX system, and the sharing path is proposed to balance the power under couplingvariation and coil inductance mismatch. It also explores the influence ofsharing path on the efficiency and zero phase operation. Besides, the proposedmethod is valid for other compensations and can be extended for N-TX (N>2)systems. Finally, a two-TX system is implementedto verify the sharing effect. The current imbalance factor is effectivelyreduced from 37% to 2.7% under the worst coupling cases.