Advanced Electric Power Conversion Laboratory


Name: Minfan Fu


School of Info. Science and Tech.

ShanghaiTech University

Room 534, SIST Building 3

393 Middle Huaxia Road

Pudong, Shanghai 201210

Tel: +86-021-20684455


Dr.Fu is seeking 2~3 highly motivated graduate student candidates for each academic year. Candidates with background in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Automation and Control, Microwave Engineering, Power Systems, Computer Engineering, and other related disciplines will be considered. If you are interested in this opening, please email ( me your CV. (ps: Currently ShanghaiTech cannot offer any international students.)

Assitant Researcher or Postdoc
Research Assistant

Dr. Fu is seeking a research assistant to work closely with the principal investigator, postdoc, and students in the laboratory.   A bachlar/master degree in electric power engineering, power system, power electronics, control or related areas is required. For details, please visist:

Undergraduates / Visiting Students

The lab has multiple projects to work on. We warmly encourage students (from ShanghaiTech or other Universities) studying at Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Automation, Control, Power Systems, and other related disciplinesare to join the group.  Please directly discuss the research opportunity with Dr. Minfan Fu by email or phone.